The business incubator in Grahame Park is a place where new businesses can grow and thrive. We offer a range of resources and support to help businesses get started and grow. The incubator provides a variety of services, including mentorship, funding, and office space. It is a great place for businesses to get started and grow their ventures.

Additionally, we host monthly networking sessions and workshops to support the local business community.

If you are interested in joining the incubator please contact Vanessa, the incubator manager on 07355090519.

“As the business incubator manager, I get to help an array of amazing entrepreneurs develop their businesses and grow them to support and sustain their families. The entrepreneurs at the Incubator fill me with inspiration every day by seeing how passionate they are about the ventures and the communities they serve”. Vanessa Brown YES Business Incubator Manager/Advisor

Elsina owns a fun bright coloured business that specialises in children’s birthday T-shirts and gifts. She joined the incubator in January 2023. The business has been running for some years now and finally has a workspace in Barnet with us. (Below is Elsina at work at the business incubator at Grahame Park)