Having spent over 10 years in education, teaching Sport Science, Personal Training, PE, Sports Coaching and more, to sixth formers in some of the hardest hit areas of Manchester & London, Neil has a special passion for education and sports. He then spent 5 years in the charity sector, growing and developing sporting opportunities for whole communities as well as ensuring all necessary safeguarding and welfare procedures were in place for both domestic and international events. Neil is a huge rugby fan but could sit and watch any sport. He loves spending time with his children, reading self-development books and listening to motivational speakers on Ted Talks and YouTube. In Rugby, his favorite team is Ulster, his home team, and in football, he is a through and through Manchester United fan.

Neil believes that YES has in incremental role to play, especially in helping young people navigate the massive changes that the world is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He said, “YES is an organisation close to my heart. In my professional career, I have always supported and empowered young people to overcome their circumstances and grow and develop in order to reach their full potential. I am excited to be joining an organisation that is at the heart of Londoners for the amazing work it does in giving young people resources and opportunities to grow. I am lucky to have a strong and exciting team and the board of trustees by my side in putting YES firmly on the map. Never have young people needed the support YES offers more than now in these challenging times, and I know we will continue to grow to meet these challenges head on because we are here for the community, but we are nothing without the community.”